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NOTE: I do not sell Office97. This is only a list that I made up in Summer 2000 to help clients and other interested parties find copies to buy. Google just happens to return these two URLs on February 7, 2002, neither of which have I investigated:

Also, another vendor has come to my attention today, Vertex Trading Group. I cannot vouch for any of the sources listed on this page, but if anyone has any good/bad/indifferent experiences with them, I'd be glad to collate and post responses here.

NOTE: It has been reported to me as of Feb. 7, 2002 that all the listings below are defunct.

Source Price S/H Commentary
Closeout Computers (Nico International?) $99.00 7.95 Full retail box available at $229. Online or phone ordering. Limit of 10 per customer. Shipping cost is not per unit, but for each shipment, according to their customer service (I called).
Watch out for the online ordering form -- when you submit you place your order, but there is no confirmation before the order is actually submitted to your credit card company. However, I called customer service immediately (call the 800 number and they can take care of it or transfer you to customer service) and they took care of it (I didn't mean to place the order -- I just wanted to find out about the shipping costs).
Surplus Software, Arlington, TX. $89.95 $6.00 US/$15.00 "non-US" "Pick up a copy before it's to [sic] late. Supplies are running out (we ran out for a month)." Online SSL ordering. Awaiting e-mail reply.
Online Computer Store $94.99 ? "While supplies last." I note that nobody at this organization apparently looks at their web pages too often, at least not in Netscape (Internet Explorer re-interprets the incorrect result, so someone testing only in MSIE will never notice it), it exhibits the Unix year function error, displaying the year as "19100" (whatever the Unix year function is called, it returns the number of years since 1900, not a 2-digit number). This suggests that the page may not be kept terribly up-to-date. Online ordering.
Also, when you actually click on "click here!" you get to a page from which, apparently, you can order only the retail package at $139.99 (http:// www.onlinecomputerstore.com/ office97RETAIL.html). However, I e-mailed them, and they said they have the CD-only version. In quantity of 30, the price goes down to 85.99 ea. Awaiting e-mail reply on shipping.
ABC Products $79.95 $3.95 US/8.95 Int'l Page is dated 11-27-99. Don't know if it's still available. Online or e-mail ordering. The online ordering still allows you to place an order, suggesting that they still have it (or have a really bad ordering system). Indeed, an e-mail response indicates they still have it, and the price is $75 in quantity of 30 with free shipping.
Note that this same source has Office 2000 Professional, CD-only, for $129.99.
Software For Less $69.00 $5.00 Looks like a fly-by-night -- no online ordering, only by mail -- no credit cards. Claims the software is legit, not OEM. They also have Office 2000 (doesn't say if it's Pro or not) for $125. Awaiting e-mail reply.
Games N More $98.00 ? Also looks like a fly-by-night. Order via e-mail or fax only -- no credit cards. Claims the software is legit, not OEM. Awaiting e-mail reply.
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