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  • Understanding the Windows Interface (Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98/NT)
  • Using Microsoft Office
    • Word Introduction; Intermediate (tables, advanced formatting, mail merge); Advanced (desktop publishing with Word; working with data from other applications; master documents)
    • Outlook - Contact Management; Individual Scheduling; Customizing Outlook
    • Excel Introduction; Advanced Formatting, Formulas, Filtering, Graphing & Mapping; Using Excel with Other Applications
    • Access Using Access Tables, Forms, Reports & Queries; intro. to programming Access
  • Managing Mailing Lists with Microsoft Word
  • You and the Internet
    • What Is the Internet & Why Do I Need It?
    • Getting the Most Out of E-Mail
    • Intro. to the WorldWide Web
    • How it works
    • Strategies for finding information on the Web
    • Setting Up a Web Page
    • More About HTML
    • Telnet, FTP & "All Those Other Things I Never Understood"
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