Your browser provides you with a method to return to the document from which you came to this document. In most graphical browsers, there is button BACK BUTTON PICTURE ANOTHER BUTTON PICTURE YET ANOTHER BUTTON PICTURE STILL YET FURTHER ANOTHER BUTTON PICTURE that you can click on with the mouse (often in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window), or a menu or keystroke command that accomplishes the same thing (often CTRL-B on PCs).

In Lynx, one need only press "u" to go UP one level in the chain of links that you have viewed.

If none of these options works, consult the documentation for your browser or ask a friend or co-worker.

If that doesn't help, seriously consider selling your computer and giving up the whole thing. If you can't figure this out for yourself, you've little chance of accomplishing anything significant on the Web.

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