Dated Plate Numbers for André Verlag

This list is a draft list that I compiled in my years of studying the André firm. I made it up for my own use, but others may benefit from it.

The dates are collected from four sources:

Items marked F are ones for which I have interpolated dates based on the other sources.

The dates from Matthäus and Haberkamp can be considered authoritative, while the dates from either edition of Deutsch's little book should be considered provisional. Where the sources disagree, all plausible dates have been listed.

Note that I make no distinction between plate numbers and publisher numbers. This is because, for the period in which I have concentrated my work (up to c1815), André Verlag used the plate numbers as publisher's number in all cases. It was only after that time that the plate number would occasionally not match the publisher's number on the title page. However, this was only for second printings from original plates (which are relatively rare). In most cases, a new publisher's number was assigned only when there was a new engraving. The result of this is that there can be many different title pages with the same publisher's number, but almost never different plates with the same publisher's number. Since my work has concentrated on the readings in the musical text (i.e., the plates, not the issues), this has not been a problem for my list. Clearly, for dating individual issues and states, this list will be deficient.

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