AMSList Discussion of the NRC Report

This is a complete transcript of the discussion of the NRC's Report as it took place on the Internet mailing list of the American Musicological Society (AMSList, subscribe at, where the va lidity of the whole rating process came under discussion.

Although this mailing list is semi-public, I sought permission from all these individuals correspondents to post this transcript here. All the individuals whose names and words appear have given me their explicit permission to re-publish their words. T he names of those who have not have been taken out of the headers, and their words have been paraphrased.

Beware, however — the document with the message text is over 130K, so it will take a long time to download over a slow connection to the Internet. If your browser doesn't cache downloaded documents, this could be very painful!

You can go direct to the text, or use the threading below.

The messages are listed in the file in chronological order, but the listing below maintains the "threaded" order (unless I've made an error):

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