Appendix A: Faculty Data

©1995, David W. Fenton

The data from the NRC study are reprinted with permission from RESEARCH-DOCTORATE PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES. ©1995 by the National Academy of Sciences. Courtesy of the National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.

Comments on the data follow the table.

Reported*Actual Professors†Professors Outside Field†Adjuncts, Emeritus (all fields)†Reported**Reported RatioActual Ratio
1Harvard University1111114764%64%
2University of Chicago121016958%75%
3University of California-Berkeley1817235528%28%
4CUNY - Grad Sch & Univ Center38341718616%16%
5Yale University12150100%0%
6Princeton University111117545%45%
7University of Pennsylvania151317740%47%
8University of Rochester50236338712%14%
9University of Michigan22216324314%14%
10U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign742156644%3%
11.5Columbia University181637422%22%
11.5Cornell University171847424%24%
13Brandeis University8818225%25%
14State U of New York-Stony Brook321261713%3%
15Stanford University1413154529%36%
16U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill9141422111%11%
17University of Texas at Austin2116571000%0%
18Univ of California-Los Angeles260+12+912+0+034+10+028%8%
19New York University10912110%10%
20Indiana University6181131400%0%
21University of North Texas8315671222%2%
22Duke University121322118%8%
23.5Northwestern University3519404800%0%
23.5Univ of California-Santa Barbara1012824110%10%
25Univ of California-San Diego24182714%4%
26University of Iowa4312%2%
27Florida State University472054712%2%
28Ohio State University5014442636%6%
29University of Washington2814214714%4%
30.5Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick1314182118%8%
30.5University of Minnesota1500%0%
32University of Wisconsin-Madison1517%7%
33Washington University98246111%11%
34University of Cincinnati2211824115%5%
35University of Maryland College Park4514291212%2%
36.5University of Southern California7144471229%29%
36.5State Univ of New York-Buffalo20210%10%
38Temple University3811326313%3%
39University of Arizona4724%4%
40University of Pittsburgh118024327%27%
41Louisiana State U & A&M College4100%0%
42University of Miami4100%0%
43Catholic University of America600%0%
44Brown University500%0%
45Michigan State University1200%0%
46University of Kansas1100%0%
47University of Oregon3600%0%
48Case Western Reserve Univ743900%0%
49Wesleyan University10511100%0%
50Boston University1400%0%
51University of Georgia1100%0%
52University of Hartford2800%0%
53University of Colorado1228%17%
54University of Kentucky1400%0%
55West Virginia University10220%20%
56Claremont Graduate School300%0%
57Texas Tech University3300%0%
58Kent State University1100%0%
59University of South Carolina2000%0%
60Ball State University3600%0%
61University of Alabama1500%0%
62Southern Baptist Theological Sem1500%0%
63University of Northern Colorado2100%0%
64University of Oklahoma600%0%
65Univ of Missouri-Kansas City400%0%

* = "Institutional Coordinator Response Data"
** = Associations and Organizations Administrating [sic] Prestigious Awards and Honors"
† = From the Directory of Music Faculties in Colleges and Universities, U.S. and Canada, 1992-94

— Fields of specialization counted: Theory & Analysis; History & Literature; Musicology; Ethnomusicology; Western Hemisphere; History of Jazz; Systematic Musicology
— Professors Emeritus, Lecturers, Instructors and all adjunct faculty were not counted.

Comments on Apendix Table A

Comments refer only to the data reported for number of faculty members.
5Composers were apparently excluded
8The reported number does not correspond either to the narrow or broad definitions of "Doctoral-Research Programs"
15May include emeritus professors, or all faculty
17Three lecturers in Music History/Musicology may have been counted
18The three numbers represent the Dept. of Music (Ph.D. in Composition only); the Dept. of Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology; and the Dept. of Musicology. It is plain that the f aculty members of the Dept. of Music were counted, even though their program awards no Ph.D. in Theory, Musicology or Ehtnomusicology. The eight faculty members teaching in those areas in the Dept. of Music are included with "Professors Outside Field."
20Only Musicology/Music History were reported, omitting Music Theory (as well as Ethnomusicology, which is taught in the Anthropology Dept.)
21All fields were counted
36.5Reported count apparently omitted 7 Music Theory professors
40Three "adjunct professors" may have been counted
49Four adjuncts may have been counted

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