Astrology, Birth Month and Socialization

I place no faith whatsover in the blatherings of astrology in general, but I do think there’s one kernel of truth in it — the time of year you are born does have an effect on socialization. I don’t know how this would have played out in earlier cultures, but in the US, the key is the start of the school year, in the Fall. Whether one first goes to nursery school or kindergarten or not until 1st grade (as for me), the beginning of socialization in the school system comes for everyone at that time of year. Children born in January can be 9-10 months older than the children born at the end of the year (some school systems cut off with children born in October, so that those born in November and December start school with the children born in January of the next year — this would have some effect on my pet theory, obviously), so that a January baby who starts kindergarten in August of her 5th year will be 67 or so months old while the October baby would be only 57 or so months old. That’s almost a 20% developmental advantage for the January baby over the October baby. Surely this would shape early development and socialization to a very large degree, and in a manner that would, for a large portion of the population, be directly correlated with the time of year they were born.