The first two segments of last night’s Daily Show (before Newt Gingrich came on for his heavily-scripted appearance) have to be the best Jon Stewart has ever done. The completely over-the-top Larry Craig restroom segment went further than just about anything I’ve ever seen on Stewart’s show, and was just gut-busting hilarious from beginning to end. And then the Foghorn Leghorn/Droopy Dog segment, taking a long-time meme of the lefty blogosphere and illustrating it, was, again, just falling-on-the-floor laugh-out-loud hysterically funny. And to top it off with the flip-flops of Rove and O’Reilly and Palin was just too perfect. I’d read the transcripts of all those flip-flops, but somehow, seeing them in full was just rich beyond belief.

My roommate gets probably 99% of his political news from watching Stewart and Colbert. The fact is, this makes him better informed than the vast majority of the American people. Frankly, ridicule is the only reaction I can see that is logical when you look at the behavior of the Republicans Stewart is ridiculing.